Aims and Scope

Urecol Journal. Part D: Applied Sciences provides a forum for scholars to share their works and research about Applied sciences. This journal aims to support evidence-based that can be enriched practice and policy in Applied sciences by publishing research, review, critical discussion, and case report of the highest standard.
Urecol Journal. Part D: Applied Sciences focus on:

This scope includes various sub-disciplines of Engineering Technology, e.g., Bioengineering, Applied Engineering, Robotics and Control, Signal Processing, Data Analysis, Experiments, Computational Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and all sub-disciplines of engineering science.
Earth and Environmental Science
This scope includes sub-disciplines the fields of Physical Geography, Geology, Climate, Oceanography, and Natural Hazards, as well as those with strong interdisciplinary connections from the fields of Geophysics, Environmental Chemistry, Geochemistry, and Environmental Engineering.
Physics and Materials
Included in this topic are alternative energy sources, climate change, food and water safety, and all sub-disciplines of mathematics and natural sciences.

Applied Medicine and Pharmacy
Included in this topic are Chiropractic, Exercise Science, Health Promotion, Medicine, Physical Therapy,
Occupational Therapy, Nutrition, Pharmaceutics, Physical Pharmacy, Biopharmaceutics, Medicinal chemistry, Medical & health sciences, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Instrumentation, Pharmacognosy, Dosage forms science, Microbiology & immunology, Industrial Pharmacy, Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Dispensing, Administrative Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Quality Management, Forensic Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Technology, and Pharmacy practice.