Author Guidelines

Types of paper

Urecol Journal. Part F: Community Development received articles from articles from all community empowerment activities. There are no exceptions in the field of science in this journal, but we focus on community empowerment reports to improve community skills, knowledge, improve the quality of the assisted industrial products, and reports on natural disasters.

General structure of paper

Paper identity
The title should be short and simple. After the title of the manuscript, followed by the names of authors and affiliation. Last is the complete contact information for the corresponding author, including the email address.

The abstract section is created in a single paragraph. The first sentence generally states the purpose of the activities and the next sentence explains how the activities are conducted. The next sentence presents an overview of the results and the last sentence describes the significance of the results and their impact on the field of study in general. Add 3-6 strong keywords.

The introduction section should explain the analysis of the situation of the partner community. Then, close the introduction with the aim of carrying out this community empowerment activity.

In this section, the author must explain how community empowerment activities are carried out to achieve the goals. If any, state all equipment and supporting materials used or transferred to the community.

Result and discussion
The results and discussion section should explain the results of community empowerment. Quantitative results that compare the conditions before and after the activity are preferred. This section can be strengthened with photos of community empowerment activities, but not photos of the author(s).

The conclusion contains a summary of the findings. Then, followed by the main points of the discussion. A general conclusion ends with a statement about how the activities contribute to the field of study as a whole.

This section contains a statement of funding sources for the work. This section also contains gratitude to those who contributed to the community empowering activities and preparation of the manuscripts.

This section lists all the references cited in the text. Urecol Journal. Part F: Community Development using IEEE style. Citation and reference systems must use the Reference Management System such as Mendeley, EndNote, Zotero.